Clinical Integration. Accountable Care and Population Health. Third Edition. Chapter 11: Non-Traditional Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services as a Core Part of Health in CINs and ACOs

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by Roger Kathol (Author), Susan Sargent (Author), Steve Melek (Author), Lee Sacks (Author), Kavita Patel (Author)

Clinical Integration: Accountable Care and Population Health, Third Edition, is a forthcoming book that will provide a fresh set of insights and new information on the evolution of clinically integrated networks (CINs) across the United States (US) healthcare system. The third edition (due out in early 2015) transitions from the original collaborative work of its four original authors to a 14-chapter anthology that provides a refresh on original issues and introduces a number of new topics including patient engagement, standards for CINs, care coordination, and behavioral health. All of which are critical to the future growth of CINs. Chapter 11, developed by a team of healthcare and behavioral health industry executives and thought leaders, discusses many critical issues surrounding the need for increasing inclusion of behavioral health services in CINs and accountable care organizations (ACOs). The chapter highlights and emphasizes the importance of integrating behavioral health and medical care as a “value-added model” that can lead to overall health improvement, increased patient satisfaction, and cost reductions.