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At Melek Consulting, we believe you should never separate mental health from physical health; both are essential for maintaining total health.

About Melek Consulting

He brings more than 30 years of consulting experience to his actuarial and behavioral healthcare consulting business

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Learn how our services help healthcare organizations better understand their behavioral healthcare benefit designs and options, and provide excellent integrated care to their clients, including both physical and behavioral healthcare.


Read about the financial benefits of integreated care through Melek's publications and case studies as well as resources to share with the general public.

Featured Publication

The emerging need for telehealth approaches for the treatment of mental illnesses and substance use disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic

Treatment resulting from restrictions on elective care visits, physical distancing guidelines, and the fear of spreading or contracting the disease. However, this challenge is being addressed by some…

Clients We've Served

We work with health plans, employers, government agencies, and healthcare providers that understand the value of both physical and behavioral health.